Sudarshana started operations in 2016 with the aim of making sarees available to anyone from any part of India. Women like dressing up. And that’s not enough, a woman needs to have variety in her wardrobe and stand out in the crowd.

We discovered that there is a huge variety of ethnic Indian sarees and suits available. Each region and state offers its own creations. A saree is not complete without matching accessories, and so again each new saree required its own set of jewelry. As we tried to analyze each saree we found that there is almost a great story behind each of them. From the place of origin, to the reason for a design, to the culture of the weavers, to the manufacturing units and the handlooms used, each saree told a story as big as its length.

As we went ahead and curated sarees from different parts of India and made them available through various social media platforms, we realised the vast variety and appeal that the ethnic Clothing and Jewellery of India had.

We soon started our website to make the apparels available to anyone, whether a women is in any part of India or World. The variety of the weaves needs to be made available to all of them

We also started having designer wears in our stores, clothing that are ethnic yet happening, elegent yet fun, clothing which are available for all occasions.

Through Sudarshana we want everyone to look pretty and happy. Bring the traditional best in you with us!!